DJ Spooky

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Art, Music
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Last night we went to see DJ Spooky presented by the Houston Museum of African American Culture at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. There was this outstanding VW bus in the parking lot:


This was not a club show. This was an artistic video and musical collage of hip-hop and classical music showcasing political, economic, and climate change. It was held in the Brown Auditorium, and the show was, quite frankly, very intellectual and thought provoking.


It was a show about his interaction as a DJ: with the video that he shot in places ranging from Nauru to the Arctic Circle, with the live string quartet. It was haunting, surreal, and deeply moving.

I’ll simply say this: if you ever have a chance to see DJ Spooky (at a club or at an art event), TAKE IT. He’s got mad skills and an intellect as big as any out there. I’ll leave you with a quote which sums up the experience:

Entropy is Faith in Economics.


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