Big Bend Trip

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Hiking, Photography
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We haven’t had a vacation in a long time. First year at a new job, just moved into a new place, etc. Good enough reasons, but still. No vacation makes for a grumpy scientist. We finally remedied that problem, and went backpacking in Big Bend. Details and not-impressive photos below the fold.

At some point in the not too distant future, I’m going to have the nice photographs I took in big bend published on my Posterous page. I’ll probably host them a couple of other places as well, as I still host photogalleries on my personal website. However, with the recent hubub surrounding yahoo and uncertainty surrounding google, I don’t know how seriously I’m going to take Flickr or Picasa going forward.

Anyway. We went backpacking in Big Bend National Park. It’s in SW Texas in the north end of the Chihuahuan Desert, but we didn’t spend most of our time in the desert. We spent most of the time hiking in the rim of the Chisos Basin. Of course this involved carrying a lot of water, even though it’s a mountain area:

Big Bend 80 - Version 2.jpg

The fall foliage was still quite beautiful; the oranges and yellows of the maples mixed with the evergreen juniper and spruce and the Texas madrones providing a spectacular view when looking across the valleys. There were beautiful sunrises:

Big Bend 164.jpg

And more than a couple of animals:

Big Bend 97 - Version 2.jpg

Big Bend 128.jpg

All in all we had a fabulous time, and it was over all too quickly. We’re more than ready to do it again. We put in a whole lot of miles, and no one got hurt. I was worried about my knee, especially since we were carrying a lot of extra weight (had to pack in ALL of our water). There was no reason to worry though, everything turned out great and it was a great reminder of why we support our National Parks every chance we get. Beautiful scenery, gorgeous wildlife, fabulous stars at night… what more could you ask for in December?

  1. Jess says:

    Those are amazing photos!! Wow, I’m impressed!

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