I am a Warrior!

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Festivals, Love, Sports
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It’s been a rough few weeks. However, this weekend my boss submitted the grant renewal we’ve been working on for the last month. I’d say that our activities this weekend were to celebrate, but we booked them about three months ago.

It's important to yell. Also, wear your Egil's Shirt..jpg

Details and pictures below the fold.

So I’ve never run in a race in my adult life. There were a few of them as a kid, but mostly my asthma and allergies sidelined me from most endurance activities.

My body is pretty much all fast twitch muscle. This means I do things like fencing, volleyball, short-distance sprints, etc. pretty well. However, I’m pretty much useless for running anything more than 800 meters. I can put in a respectable time for a mile, but anything more than that and I’m pretty much dead.

My partner on the other hand, runs marathons. And she’s good at it. So when she told me about the Warrior Dash I was a bit skeptical. But she told me that there was mud, fire, and free beer, and you all know what a sucker I am for free beer. The catch for the beer was the 3.2 mile run. With 12 obstacles. Like fire and mud:

Next to last obstacle: jump over fire! - Version 2.jpg

The last obstacle: mud pit with barbed wire. - Version 2.jpg

Now I like to get dirty as much as the next guy, and jumping through fire? I’m totally down with that, yo. But running… That’s the rub for me. But I must say, the desire to go through all the different obstacles was pretty strong, and remember the beer? So, we were up and running in the 9AM wave through the obstacles.

It was awesome. I died of course. The running thing just ain’t my bag, but I managed to drag myself from obstacle to obstacle. Those were a blast. I really enjoyed every last one of them. Climbing up ropes, running through muddy creeks, jumping over junked cars… just awesome. With extra awesome sauce.

The people were outstanding. Of course there were all sorts of costumes including the obligatory guy in a chicken suit:

Obligatory guy in a chicken suit..jpgIt's important to wear masks..jpgRobin hood #FTW.jpg

There were even guys running in suits:

He ran in a full suit. That's just awesome..jpg

Team spirit was definitely represented:

Smells like team spirit!.jpgAnother tutu brigade..jpg

There was a firehose at the end that they shot you with to “clean” you up after you came out of the mudpit. We finished, and here is our victory pose (post firehose):

After the finish. We already went through the fire hose to clean off most of the mud..jpg

The Dash goes on all day, with a main stage where there were bands playing, people eating Turkey legs and other warrior-like food, etc. We wandered around for a bit after we were finished, and my lovely partner threw an axe, and ran into some Scots:

Vegans can throw axes yo! - Version 2.jpgShe managed to find Scotsmen... clad in kilts of course....jpg

All in all, it was an awesome day. Times still haven’t been posted, but I felt good about myself. I started behind a couple of Marines, and finished ahead of them. I figure that with my bum knee (I tweaked it again *grumble*) that’s pretty good. I’ll update this post when they post our times.

I’m quite happy with this whole thing, and would probably do it again. Who am I kidding. Of course I’ll do it again. I can’t wait for the next one. My only concern is that it’s the weekend before the March Meeting. Maybe I can get some of my friends from Ohio who are going to the meeting to come early and run it with me.

Of course, my partner wants to move on up to the Tough Mudder race. I think we’ll wait and see on that one…

EDIT: Results are in!!!

My time was 37:28.00. Slower than I would have liked, but hey. Whatever. Next time, I’ll do better. I really appreciate my partner sticking with me through the race, she could have done much better than that. She was even kind enough to let me win, as her chip time was 37:39.35, which I think is the slowest she’s ever done three miles.


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