Date Nights!

Posted: October 9, 2010 in Love, Music
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One of the downsides to being a postdoc is that there is not much time for a social life. However, sometimes, one just has to let go and have a good time or turn into a raving lunatic. This weekend, was such a weekend; spontaneous fun was mandatory! Details below the fold.

A long time ago I went to high school. We won’t discuss how many years ago, but it was a long time. Now since then, I’ve grown up, gotten a Ph.D. and turned into a (reasonably) responsible human being, but I was a geek and a nerd in high school. I was on the Academic Decathlon team. I enjoyed physics.

But believe it or not, I did have some friends (most of whom were also geeks/nerds of some variety). One of them grew up to work on life support systems for NASA. He also plays bass in a band, Finding Reason, in his spare time. Friday morning, I found out that they were playing a gig locally, so I decided to take my girlfriend out to go see them play, and a fabulous time was had by all. Here’s a picture of my friend Greg being a rock star:

Finding Reason 12 - Version 2.jpg

Sorry that the photo isn’t the best, but hey, it was with my phone in a dark club while he was bouncing around on stage. Most of the band works at NASA, so there’s a shit fuck ton of brain power on stage here:

Finding Reason 17.jpg

The band before them was Winter Road, and they were pretty decent. However it was a bit of an eye opener that most of the members of that band were just over half our age:

Finding Reason 1 - Version 2.jpg

After a trip to the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market this morning to pick up some supplies for dinner, my girlfriend and I spent the day lying on the ground watching Ohio State beat Indiana via ESPN3 over the intertubes. This is really quite awesome, as it is really showing that there is a market for live sports on the internet. I see this sort of thing as starting to nail the coffin lid closed on cable. We haven’t had cable in years, and now that I can watch live sports over the internet, I know there is nothing that will ever convince me to have it again.

Tonight, we’re going to make gnocchi with pesto and mixed greens for dinner (vegan and gluten free of course) and then we’re going to see Ira Glass live in downtown Houston. This too was a totally spontaneous event, as one of my colleagues had tickets that she couldn’t use. My girlfriend and I are both fans of This American Life (you can find the podcast here), and I just think that Ira is one of the best things on Public Radio, so we were thrilled that she offered us her tickets.

The moral of this story is, sometimes, you just have to take a break. This weekend, I’m spending time relaxing and remembering that I’m in love. And sometimes,  that’s all I need to do.


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