Real Science (Not Fiction)

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Medicine, Science

I haven’t posted recently about the cool science type things that I’ve come across. I’ve been busy and things have just been hectic. Work has been good, but stressful, and there is always more to do which distracts me from writing here. A collection of interesting stuff ranging from regenerative medicine to super-volcanoes is below the fold. Enjoy!


Apparently, there has also been a new advance in artificial corneas which is going to help people see. Personally, I think this is a way good thing. This isn’t actually a cornea transplant. It’s a technique which inserts collagen into the eye and convinces your body to repair the damaged cornea naturally. This sort of thing is going to be the future of regenerative medicine as we figure out how to trick our bodies into fixing themselves. Isn’t living in the future great?

Silicon Oxide Circuits developed in the Tour Group here at Rice University are poised to change the way that people build computer memory. The idea is to use silicon oxide switches instead of flash memory and exploit a well known “problem” of silicon oxide breakdown to store data.

Premature Ejaculation seems to be tied to body mass. That is to say, the big boys have less problem with PE than those who are skinny. That does not mean that you should start pigging out on cheeseburgers.


Turtles are an Indicator Species and apparently they’re not doing well. I’m particularly tuned to this issue as turtles are my partner’s power animal. I took a picture of a freshwater turtle we ran into at Brazos Bend State Park. Be nice to the turtles.

2010-08-August 163.jpg




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