History in the Making

Posted: July 26, 2010 in History, Politics

Just a few years before I was born, a truly brave hero surfaced in America – Daniel Ellsberg. For you whippersnappers who never bothered reading real history, or got fed propaganda during your “social studies” class, here’s the short version: The U.S. Government did bad things™™™™™ in Vietnam. They also lied™™ to the American public about it in order to drum up public support for the debacle. The thing about the military, though is this: They always have a report about everything. Daniel Ellsberg worked for Robert Macnamara (who is one of the old-school un-indicted American War Criminals™) and produced a Top Secret set of documents which came to be known as the Pentagon Papers. The other thing about the military is that they never expect men of conscience to act on their conscience. Ellsberg leaked these documents and the secrets they revealed turned the public against the war. They exposed the carpet bombing of Laos and Cambodia, and the way the military and government had been deliberately lying to the American people. Many people point to these documents when they call for the indictment of Henry Kissinger for War Crimes (it’s why he’s often called the Butcher of Cambodia).

Apparently, a new hero has emerged for this generation, and it looks like the Afghanistan War Logs are going to be the Pentagon Papers of the Bush Wars. You can go there and read the 90k plus documents that have been leaked. They document (in painful detail) a new round of very bad things™ our government has been doing in that country for a very long time. Julian Assange (who has a background in physics and math btw) is not the Pentagon’s favorite person, and now even Daniel Ellsberg (remember him) is worried that the CIA might assassinate Assange. That’s what real heroes do, people. They put their lives on the line to expose truths that powerful people with big fucking guns don’t want exposed.

Only time will tell if this will have the same impact as the Pentagon Papers. But I figure that in thirty years, this leak will get ignored in social studies classes in the same way that the Pentagon Papers are today. I hope that today it has the same impact, and maybe, just maybe, we can finally end this fucking war.

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Right-wingers will blame it on Obama and the Democrats. They’ll say the war was won until the Democrats took control.

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