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One Giant Step for Mankind…

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Medicine, Science

Medical marijuana is now getting better press. The current administration has finally decided to stop cutting VA benefits to our veterans when they test positive for marijuana if they’re in compliance with medical marijuana laws in their state. See, VA benefits are conditional on being “drug free,” so veterans had to choose between the known benefits of marijuana for treating their PTSD or being able to go to a VA hospital. Vets with PTSD who use marijuana require far less psychoactive pharmaceuticals than those who don’t.

This is a win, and apparently, Colorado is leading the way on this. Over 100,000 people are registered medical marijuana patients in Colorado. For the record that’s around two percent of the population. There are fourteen states with legal medical marijuana programs. All of them require proof of residency, so you can’t get your card from out of state. I’m becoming more and more confident that I’ll see it legalized in my lifetime.