World Cup 2010 Kickoff

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Sports
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Sorry, had to get that out. But still, really, WORLD CUP!

It’s been a great tournament so far. South Africa opened the tournament with a stunning 1-1 draw against Mexico. Watching the game with a friend of mine from Mexico was a great time; of course I cheered for the South Africans, but he’d later return the favor cheering for England.

Uruguay vs. France was an ugly game, neither team really showed up to play and the nil-nil draw was more than either team deserved. If I had my way, I’d have given both teams the loss, as neither of them deserved a point out of that match.

South Korea crushed Greece, 2-0 and this pleased me greatly. I spent a year in South Korea, and really enjoyed the country and the people. I’m really happy that they were able to bring home a win for their country.

Argentina’s 1-0 win over Nigeria was very well received in my research group (our boss is from Argentina) so we are not going to be walking on eggshells at the office.

England vs. USA ended in a hard fought 1-1 draw after the Americans deployed our secret weapon: the own-goal. The American Player of the Game was Robert Green (the English keeper) for betraying his country and giving the Americans the tie.

Algeria’s 0-1 loss to Slovenia was expected after the dirty game they played. Ghezzal deserved the Red Card as he just tried to rough up the Slovenians, and I was quite happy that the Slovenians managed to pull out the win.

The highlight so far has to be the 0-1 win for Ghana over Serbia. The first penalty kick of the tournament results in the first World Cup win for an African nation on African Soil.

Getting ready for Germany vs. Australia coming up in an hour or so. In some ways, I’m glad World Cup only happens every four years, because it’s pretty crazy, and I can’t afford to take this kind of time out of my life on a regular basis.

More craziness to come.


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