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is almost over. Happy Memorial Day everyone. I hope you all enjoy the day off tomorrow. Some of you will spend some time around the grill, or out with your family or friends. Some of you will go running, and enjoy a nice day out on the lake. Some of you will even go hiking in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Some of you are going to sit at home and watch war movies all day on the telly.

Whatever you do, please take some time to remember the folks who can’t be home this year. According to the pentagon that’s around 4400 U.S. servicemen and women dead in Iraq and another almost 1100 in Afghanistan. And that doesn’t include the maimed and injured that are still recovering in hospitals. Thank and love the ones that have come home, and remember that war is something that no one ever recovers from. Always remember that these men and women are our friends and neighbors, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. But most importantly these are Americans. Let’s honor them by ending the war and bringing them home alive.