Epic Fail AGAIN!

Posted: April 25, 2010 in General

So I’ve been epically failing to write lately. I’ve been totally swamped at work and lacking any time to write. I’m going to devote this entry to a quick update of everything I have been doing that has prevented me from doing any real writing.

Work. Work. And then more work. Being a Postdoctoral Researcher is hard. Much harder than you might think. Being a theorist, technically they pay me to sit in a chair and think about stuff all day. That’s so much harder than it sounds. There are equations to derive, code to write to solve those equations, utilities to learn how to use. All sorts of stuff. Also, I’ve changed fields, so I have to spend a lot of my “free” time reading and learning the basic things that everyone in the field already knows. Moral of story – I’ve not had enough time to do any actual writing.

In that vein – Let’s try to recap the last few weeks where I haven’t been writing: The end of February and beginning of March was preparation for the APS March meeting, where I gave a talk on one part of my dissertation research. Also, my dissertation was published. There’s a real book out there with my name on it you can buy and everything; scary, huh? The middle of March was the actual Meeting: the talk went well, and some smart people asked me neat questions about the research. I’m sad to leave the field, but I’m excited about the stuff I’m doing now.

The APS March Meeting was held in Portland, OR, which gave me and my partner an opportunity to see many old friends as well as learn some neat science. It was really nice to see everyone, and we did even manage to get in a hike and a night out while we were in town. The food in P-town was awesome as always and I can’t wait to go back again. My longing for the Pacific Northwest only grows the longer I am away.

The beginning of April started with our attending Fine Art Fridays at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. There was an excellent exhibition of modern photography, along with a wonderful reception. The next week saw me return to the world of fencing when I entered my first tournament in years. I’ve actually been back at practice about once a week since January, and though there’s still a lot of rust to knock off, I did pretty well. Two weeks later there was another tournament (this one close by in Houston) and again I did better than I expected. I’m starting to remember how to fight and it’s been nice to start to slip back into a community of fighters again. Unfortunately, that keeps me away from writing as well.

Finally, the end of April came along, and today (the 25th) marks my seven year anniversary with my partner. She’s been so kind, loving and supportive over the last seven years, and I can’t ever begin to express how much she means to me. We got living flowers for the anniversary, and we spent yesterday relaxing and quasi-celebrating (There was sushi!); we also rearranged the furniture in the house a bit. Today we’re working (can’t you tell by my blogging?), though we’re going to make Sunday dinner this evening – Greek potatoes and baked tofu with fresh herbs and spring greens.

May looks like it’s going to be pretty dicey as well, though I’m going to try to buckle down and get back to writing about real stuff. I also need to finish processing the photographs from our trip to Portland in March. At least I’ve gotten them off the camera and onto the computer. Now I just need to get the processed and put up online. Sigh. So much to do, so little time. It just reminds me that I need a pair of filthy assistants.


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